Why Your Restaurant Needs a Signature Dish and How to Create One in 3 Simple Steps

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Why Your Restaurant Needs a Signature Dish and How to Create One in 3 Simple Steps

You’ve already created a great atmosphere, prepare delicious meals, and have friendly staff – what else can you do to make your restaurant stand out?
Release your signature dish.

Why? Because your signature is something no one else can claim to have, thus it instantly makes your restaurant seem more exclusive and appealing.

Think about what your guests are telling people – are they saying they tried the duck, or are they boasting about trying the signature braised duck in a red wine jus? More importantly, which would you rather they be saying?

A few small buzzwords can go a long way in making your menu memorable – and a side serving of bragging rights is a fantastic way to encourage your guests to tell the world how much they loved your restaurant.
But what if you don’t have anything you can call a signature dish? Well, you probably already do have something, and it’s probably hiding under the ‘chef’s selection’ part of your menu.

TIP: It’s the dish your servers always recommend to diners because they’ve never tried anything like it. It’s the meal currently listed with ‘the chef’s sauce’ or ‘chef’s famous seasoning’.

You don’t need to prepare a new dish, just change how you market your most unique meal! And fear not, here are 3 simple steps to spicing things up and transforming a great dish into your signature dish:
Think about what your best dish is and give its name a makeover.

Make it stand out on your menu with a description so scrumptious, guests can’t ignore it! If your menu currently includes ‘Kate’s 3 cheese soufflé’ as a highlight, consider renaming it to something more tantalising like ‘Kate’s signature twice baked trio of cheese soufflé with a peppery crumbled Parmigiano-Reggiano on a bed of wild rocket’. It’s the same dish, but a significant difference in appeal on your menu.

Present it like it’s a superstar!

Give your signature dish a signature look; plate it up like nothing else in your restaurant. Be over the top, serve it on a gorgeous plate or board no other meal dares touch. Have the chef come out and lay it before your guests, thanking them for ordering this dish and wishing them a wonderful evening. Make other diners’ heads turn when they see someone else receiving their meal and make them want to come back another time just to try it.

Tell everyone about it, anywhere you can.

Update your website’s front page to mention that it’s ‘the home of Chef Tom’s Signature Seared Scallops with a Lisbon Lemon Butter Sauce’ – intrigue potential guests before they even look at your menu online. Hype it up on social media by sharing photos of the ingredients used in this recipe, and the final product, plated with all the trimmings. Take pride in this being your dish!

This is the dish people will be coming to your restaurant for and bragging to their friends about dining on.
Make an effort to impress diners with your signature dish at every opportunity – from the moment they stumble across your restaurant to sitting at a table.
If done correctly, it could become something you’re known for, and it should be amazing.