16 Jun How to Use Instagram to Boost Your Restaurant Revenue

Centuries-old Chinese proverb “a picture is worth a thousand words” couldn’t be more up-to-date and more accurate. Of all Social Media channels, Instagram is the most straightforward and most appropriate for professional use.

Utilise this free marketing tool to promote and build up your restaurant’s image. Using Instagram strategically can have a significant impact on your business.




Share the vibe

Instagram allows you to share the unique story about your business; make sure your story is authentic and honest. Use photos to connect with your followers, show behind the scene stories, introduce your valuable staff and don’t be afraid to get a bit personal. Avoid outdated and unauthentic photos and content that is not relevant to your restaurant. Share photos of exquisite food, but also depict a great atmosphere, smiling faces, and happy crowds to show potential customers how they could enjoy your establishment as well.



Post regularly

Build your Instagram presence gradually by engaging on a regular basis. Whether you post daily or weekly it is important to keep the continuity. Having long gaps between posts could make you look uncommitted.

Use hashtags and geotags

Hashtags navigate your posts trough the social media universe and steer them towards your target audience. Basically, hashtags allow an interested group to discover you. Use hashtags that are relevant for your business such are #YourRestaurantName, #YourRestaurantLocation, #Gastronomy, etc. Assign geotags so people could locate you.

Set up a contest to encourage sharing posts
Word of mouth, or in today’s world, a word of a shared post, is the best advertising. Create contests and offer a free dinner for following, sharing, and tagging your restaurant. This is an excellent way to increase the number of followers and have the word about your restaurant spread.