Low MOQ difference


At Claytan Group, we are unique in our ability to deliver a Low Minimum Order Quantity. We are able to provide a solution when small quantities are required, thanks to our small volume manufacturing process.


There is a shift toward automated high-pressure casting processes by most major manufacturers. Fully automated high-pressure casting allow a much higher efficiency and lower cost per piece. The result though, is a rather rigid production line. On the other hand, traditional hand casting is highly inefficient and slow.


The solution? Claytan has adopted a medium pressure casting method. It provides a balance between pressure casting high efficiency and traditional casting flexibility. This allows us to develop new products with lower MOQ.

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Custom Orders

Custome orders

Claytan Group is a one-stop solution. If we don’t already make what you’re looking for, we can design and make it for you. We have created a time-tempered technical customization process. It allows for tailoring, responsiveness, and scalability.


Our valued engineering enables us to create sophisticated products others find too difficult. This agility and flexibility is an important part of the customer-oriented service that we value.


We will cater to your specialised needs and provide a total solution for your project. We approach every custom order with the long-term view of creating a partnership with you. No order is considered too small. No matter the volume, our goal is to exceed your expectations. Delivering quality and durability that you can trust.


Examples of custom orders include the Biggest Bowl of Bakuteh. Also, the Rimless Flushing Toilet, which required a complete restudy of the water dynamics in the bowl and flushing mechanism.

Partnership in Innovative Products

At Claytan Group, we are dedicated to continuous development and innovation. While many companies focus solely on price, it is important to us that we set ourselves apart not by being “cheaper,” but by being better.


Claytan worked alongside Caroma innovating both Dual Flush Technology and Rimless Flushing Technology. The Rimless Flushing Toilet design process makes for an interesting case study.


Case Study: The Rimless Toilet


The Rimless Toilet is a recent breakthrough in the bathroom industry. The Rimless Toilet was designed because it can be hard to clean under and inside the rim of a standard toilet. Toilet brushes and cleaning agents can be unreliable in reaching those areas. As a result, over time bacteria and even mould can start to grow within the rim. Thus, the idea for the rimless toilet was born. The Rimless Toilet has been designed for quintessential hygiene.


The Rimless Toilet was not easy to develop. It required a complete restudy of the water dynamic in the bowl and the flushing mechanism. Without a rim to guide the water flow inside the bowl, controlling the flush stream caused two significant design challenges.


The first challenge was that when two water streams do not meet in the middle of the bowl. The result is an irregular flow pattern and the bowl is not cleaned effectively.


The second challenge was that the two water streams could create an undesired impact resulting in a strong splash.


Most manufacturers have designed their flushing outlet with the main stream going directly down from the back. Two smaller streams go around to the front to clean the rest of the bowl. This is one of the easiest solutions to reduce the challenges caused by the undesired impact position. But it also reduces the flushing effectiveness at the same time. Claytan chose a different approach.


First, the flushing outlet structure in the bowl was re-engineered to control the flushing pressure. This reduced and eliminated the splashing issues. Then a curved diverter was added in the middle of the bowl to redirect the flush stream. This structure created a fixed impact point for the flush streams. It created more streamlined channels for the flushing streams to flush down from the front. This structure also reduced the collision effect of water streams and further reduced the splashing issues.

Speed to Market

Speed To Market

When you are seeking speed to market, think of Claytan. We can deliver the new designs at both high and low MOQs.


We understand that sometimes you might need something new and different. We have the technology to deliver your new product designs from scratch. We’re also equipped to finish faster than any other ceramic company in the world.


While the average turnaround time to bring a product to market is 9 months, we have been able to expedite that timeline by as quick as five months. We’re planning for a specialised CNC machine in 2018-2019 to further improve the efficiency of our process.

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