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True purity isn’t just about beauty


With the elegant designs and attention to detail, our sanitary ware is unique worldwide. For 25 years we have been the exclusive manufacturer for Caroma in Australia, meeting that brand’s meticulous standards for craftsmanship and finish.


Claytan’s Fine Fire Clay wash basins are made from the highest grade of fireclay to create a smooth, non-porous surface, offering a glossy premium finish. And the clever design of our WC minimises cleaning and maintenance, as well as sitting stylishly in any bathroom. But our products not only accentuate the beauty of the bathroom.


They also boast innovative water saving technology. Renowned for our water saving concepts worldwide, Claytan has developed an eco-friendly range of products that save water and preserve the planet. The Water Saver range of cisterns requires only 4.5 litres of water per flush.

Take a look at our great range of stylish sanitary ware range

The purest water

The tap ware distributed by Claytan is produced without any lead content, ensuring delivery of the purest water to your home.  Our manufacturers use a special brass that does not have any lead content in the tap-ware, so the water we drink is as pure as it can be.


Class and quality

Claytan sanitary ware has earned a niche, being marketed under its own brands of ‘GLOBE’, ‘CLAYTAN’ and ‘LEGEND’ in UK, Europe, Africa, USA and the ASEAN region besides the home ground. We also manufacture and supply under OEM arrangement for renowned international sanitary ware manufacturers from Australia, Japan, United Kingdom and USA under their brands.


Claytan has also acquired the UK Rolls Royce brand of sanitary ware, Silverdale, offering a full spectrum of sanitary ware products at different price points.


Our Sanitary Range – Click on a section below for a full product list and for ordering.

  • Accessories

    Accessories (135)


  • Basins

    Basins (134)


  • Baths

    Baths (48)


  • Bidettes

    Bidettes (6)


  • Care

    Care (35)


  • Loose Trap

    Loose Trap (1)


  • Mixer Taps

    Mixer Taps (109)


  • Outlets

    Outlets (8)


  • Shower

    Shower (6)


  • Taps

    Taps (8)


  • Toilet Cisterns

    Toilet Cisterns (22)


  • Toilet Pans

    Toilet Pans (6)


  • Toilet Seats

    Toilet Seats (36)


  • Toilet Suites

    Toilet Suites (88)


  • Urinal

    Urinal (7)


The epitome of trust

Find out why leading brands around the world trust Claytan for Hotelware, Dinnerware, Sanitary ware, Kitchen ware and Clay Pipes.