15 Aug Wallpaper in Bathrooms? Oh, Yes!

                                                                 Source: decorpad.com Wallpaper is a marvelous decorative element; it generates uniqueness every time. Decorating...

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Natural Stones Bathrooms

05 Aug Design Trend: Natural Stone in Bathrooms

Natural stone is an exquisite luxury statement in high-end interiors. The timeless, organic and distinguished feel we get from these natural elements is hard to beat. Natural elements need maintenance and care However, when a natural stone is used in bathrooms, it is recommended to prepare it...

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17 Jul 10 Industrial Kitchens We Absolutely Love

Industrial style is commonly found in old industrial spaces, abandoned factories or lofts, but its urban vibe and budget friendly character made industrial style kitchens vastly present in modern eclectic homes. Materials typically used in the industrial design are concrete, wood, and metal with exposed...

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starts with you (2)

10 Jul 5 Bathrooms with Beautiful Lighting

When designing a bathroom, lighting should be a priority from the start. Using most of the natural light and creating a customised lighting scheme, including task, accent, and ambient lights will lead to a beautiful and functional space. Going bold with decorative lighting makes a big...

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20 Jun 5 Bathroom Accessories for an Elegant Touch

Elegance is perceived trough simplicity and sophistication. To achieve elegance in the ambience key point is to keep it simple with the perfect amount of contrasts. Matte black bathroom accessories The latest big trend in bathroom design is a contemporary statement of simplicity.  Black tapware within monochromatic...

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