Focus on Quality

Focus on Quality

Around here, the word “quality” isn’t just a word. It is the core value that drives us. Our Quality Control and Quality Assurance departments constantly monitor our products and functionality.


Our strict quality control includes detailed processes. Teams focus on market studies, daily updates and examination of current production. We take time to review new and previous projects, do follow ups and make technical back ups. We also provide provide technical assistance for supplied projects. You can be assured that we have the controls in place that ensure that our high level of quality is always upheld.


We are not satisfied unless you are delighted. Our dedicated customer service and account management team follow up with you after sales. This is to ensure that our ceramics are exceeding your expectations for quality and durability.


At Claytan, we do what we say we are going to do. You can expect consistent high quality and product supply. We match this with continuous innovation and flexible production lead time. Our care for your business is evident in the relationships we build with you.

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Our Quality Control Process

A high quality ceramic product manufacturing process is complex, sophisticated, and requires a great deal of variable management.

  1. Every day before we start casting, the slips and glaze go through a series of lab testing to verify quality and condition of the raw material. This lab testing may be done 2-3 times every day at every site, depending on the number of casting shifts.
  2. All casters need to inspect all the moulds’ condition before they cast.
  3. Freshly casted greenware are inspected and refined to eliminate undesired surface imperfections. Pieces with structural imperfections are rejected and recycled.
  4. After the drying process, all the greenwares go through dry inspection before glazing. Surface imperfections are once again fixed when possible. Pieces that cannot be fixed are rejected and recycled.
  5. After the glazing and firing process, all pieces are checked again. Minor surface imperfections are fixed via cold repair. This includes adhesives, fillers, paints, and cold glaze. Major surface imperfections go through a kiln re-firing or grinding process to fix.
  6. Fired products go through a series of functional tests before we pack and ship. These include vacuum tests, flushing tests, and strength tests.

Your Delight is Our Top Priority

Customer delight is a priority for us. If you have any issues with the quality of our products, we respond and inspect the issue as soon as possible. If there is ever a manufacturing defect, we will replace the item immediately.


Unlike some global businesses, we are easy to contact and connect with. At Claytan, getting back to our invaluable clients in a timely manner is, has been and will always be a priority.

Customer service

The Quality of our Clay

Did you know that every type of clay and mineral has its own unique physical, chemical, and mineralogical properties?


The same type of material taken from different locations can have different characteristics. Mining depth, and environmental conditions can also produce differences.


We use more than 40 different types of clays and minerals from around the world to create our unique formulas. By using so many different types, we minimize the effect of property variance. This allows us to  consistently produce products with supreme quality.

Quality of Our Clay

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