Opening a Restaurant? You Need to Read This!

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Opening a Restaurant? You Need to Read This!




Opening a new restaurant is undoubtedly an exciting venture, but at times, it can get overwhelming. Your to-do list is endless, from financing, to concepts, to employing staff, some days will feel like the opening day will never come and that you don’t have anything under control.

However, the things will get easier, and that opening day will come. Before that day, make sure you have ticked all important boxes, and start your new business in a professional and an authentic fashion.


A restaurant business demands your 100% commitment. Owning a restaurant requires constant presence in the venue which comes with significant sacrifices.

Know Your Numbers

Whether you are renting or buying a venue, knowing your numbers and having a clear business plan is crucial. Nothing will work, unless math works.


One of the most overlooked aspects of opening a restaurant is investing in technology that can help in running day-to-day operations. A good POS system is as important as a reliable staff. Choosing the right restaurant POS system will help minimize kitchen errors, keep accounting books accurate, manage inventory, control costs, prevent theft, track the popularity of your menu items and so much more.

 Observe Your Competition

Keeping an eye on your competition is necessary in order to grow your business. By studying your competition and learning from their mistakes and achievements, you can discover how to improve your performance.



A Clear Picture

Deciding a clear restaurant concept and sticking to it will make a fair part of your success. Your concept will target your audience and position your business on the market; it is essential to have this straight. Your concept or lack of it will eventually form an image of your restaurant.

Social Media is Important

Being present on social media today is vital to any business establishment. Social media enables you to build anticipation before opening, to get closer to a wider group of people and keep your guests informed and interested. Being active on social media will give you an insight in your guests’ satisfaction and allow you to learn and grow.

 Setting a Unique Menu

Just as the concept, your menu has to have a character. The ideal menu offers a balance of unique and familiar dishes. You can’t be everyone’s cup of tea and there is no point in trying. Instead, build your unique expression; make it simple but exquisite.




Too often, this is a crucial matter. Make sure your location follows your concept, that there is enough parking around and that the venue is visible from the road.

Interior Design and Ambience

A pleasant ambience makes guests linger longer and spend a bit more. A perfect restaurant ambience is a combination of a functional layout, successful design solution with a proper lighting scheme, professional and courteous staff, and pleasant background music. It goes without saying that this goes on top of a well-organized and a smoothly running kitchen, and a solid management.

 Team work

As much as restaurants are relaxing places for guests they can be highly stressful and tense environment for employees. Your staff will consist of kitchen manager, cooks/chefs, floor manager, trainers, hosts, waiters, bartenders, sales/marketing, etc. Good leadership will make sure everyone do their best, help each other and finally create an amazing team. A good working atmosphere among the staff will definitely reflect on the ambiance and the overall business.