We believe in resource and energy conservation.


Normally, a large amount of heat escapes through the kiln exhaust system. At Claytan, we capture and reuse that heat, thus conserving in various processes. These include the kiln combustion air preheat process, greenware/mould drying process, and casting environmental temperature control process. This reduces the heat loss to increase the fuel efficiency of the kiln. Ultimately it reduces energy waste.


Claytan Group also recycles clays and glazes. Unused clay and glaze from manufacturing are reprocessed and used as raw materials. Quality control is a focus for us and ceramics that don’t meet our standards are recycled. Parts are crushed and used as reinforcement material in our Clay Pipe production.


Our dedicated research and development team study and develop water-saving flushing mechanisms.

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Sustainable Suppliers

It’s imperative we work with suppliers who include sustainability in their long term strategy. We’re devoted to better understanding the environmental impacts of clay extraction and processing. This is so that we can create positive impact along our entire raw material supply chain.

Sustainable Suppliers

Making a Difference

All species on this planet rely on fresh water as a vital component of our survival. The overuse of freshwater in commercial, industrial, and household settings has a profound effect on our planet. Despite our attempts to separate man from nature, we’re part of one ecosystem. At Claytan, we believe in managing our most precious resources for all humanity.


The Claytan toilet suite is making a difference. The average person flushes five times a day. A family of three with a conventional 6L single flush toilet consumes 90L water per day. The average water consumption of a dual flush (3L/4.5L) Claytan toilet suite is 3.3L per flush, which is 49.5L per day. Switching from a conventional 6L single flush toilet to ours, a family could save 40.5L per day.


Consider this impact: In non-tropical regions, a tree requires an average 20L of water per day to live. That means from one day, the water savings using the Claytan toilet suite could provide enough daily water for two trees to live.


Claytan has produced more than 5 millions water saving toilet suites in the past 20 years. The water we have helped save could grow a forest!

Making a differenc

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