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  •   We have been manufacturing high-quality ceramic products since 1920, and we have seen how the world has changed. Today, we put a premium on maintaining open lines of communication, and brands are now actively communicating more personally to their customers through social media....

  • In the heart of every Singaporean HBD block is a hawker food centre, a place where the locals convene everyday to eat meals and socialise with neighbours. The food is affordable and tasty, and tourists come for the experience. Everyone goes home full, and everyone......

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Why settle for plain?


Your tableware is so much more than a blank slate for beautiful food. It needs to be durable enough to withstand the rigours of multiple seatings every day. It also needs to be strong enough to resist chipping, yet light enough for floor staff to quickly and easily deliver to your guests. Above all, it needs to be manufactured to the highest standards.


Why can’t it be beautiful as well?

Take a look at our exceptional range of expertly crafted Hotelware  

Colour your world with durable, lightweight, elegant tableware from Claytan

The stunning depth of colour in Claytan’s new range of hotel tableware sets it apart from other brands on the market. We get that colour from our unique production process, which involves firing the clay at higher temperatures for a longer period of time.


The glaze on our dinnerware is equally important and also shows Claytan’s attention to detail. The floor of every plate is glazed so it’s less likely to scratch the surface of your tables.


We believe that just because our dinnerware is tough doesn’t mean it can’t be the perfect frame for your culinary creations.


The beauty of purity

Claytan’s commitment to leading-edge technology means we can put a hospital-grade antibacterial glaze into our products. The glaze kills 98.9% of all bacteria and is currently in use in hospitals in Singapore and Malaysia.


We also manufacture Halal dinnerware to the highest standards. We do not use animal pigment in the colours we use or in the glazing process. Our fine-bone china only uses Halal animal bone for colouring. We ensure no animals are anywhere near our production processes.


All our dinnerware is guaranteed lead-free, manufactured to the FDA’s strictest standards, and of course is microwave and dishwasher safe.


A family company you can trust

If you are investing your brand in a particular range of tableware, you want to be certain that brand will be around when replacements are needed. Claytan has been established in Malaysia since 1920 and in Australia for more than 25 years. We are the third-generation of a family company and you can be sure our commitment to you is a commitment to our own family.


We also have established a unique production process where we can meet small orders as easily as large institutional ones. This means you can always be certain your chosen, bespoke designs will be available when you need them.


The epitome of trust

Find out why leading brands around the world trust Claytan for Hotelware, Dinnerware, Sanitary ware, Kitchenware and Clay Pipes.