What is Food Styling and why is it Important for your Restaurant?

What is food styling?

What is Food Styling and why is it Important for your Restaurant?

You know what they say, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression,” and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to the food you serve at your restaurant. Knowing how to plate your food in the most attractive manner is key for having guests fall in love with your food before they even try it.How can you accomplish this? Through food styling.

Food styling is becoming more and more common with the rise of popular food blogs and Instagram accounts, some having millions of followers and readers. Restaurants can see a huge increase in traffic if they manage to get onto one of these sites.

What is Food Styling?

What is food styling?

Food styling is the art of arranging food in an attractive manner, mainly for the production of food photography in advertisements, menus, websites, books, and magazines. Food styling is also sometimes seen as a common practice in upscale restaurants.

What is food styling?

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What is a food stylist?

A food stylist is someone who performs the actual food styling itself. They are typically chefs or professional photographers who know how to make food look tastier than ever. Food stylists utilize a slew of tools to make food look absolutely perfect including syringes, torches, and wooden skewers.

Today, food stylists have to be on top of their game due to the rise of food blogs and the popularity of food accounts on Instagram.  In order to make their food photography stand out in a crowded industry, they need to really stay on top of the latest trends in both the restaurant industry and food photography industry.

What is food styling?

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What are the benefits of food styling?

There are many benefits of food styling for both the restaurant itself and the chef.

Restaurants can benefit from hiring a food stylist to revamp their menu, improve their social media presence, and have their restaurant guests fall in love with their food at first sight.

Restaurant chefs can take their careers to the next level by actually become a food stylist themselves. When they do this they can impress their own restaurant guests with drool-worthy plates, and they can add to their resume!

If you are looking to improve your food photography tips as chef, here are 99 tips from a top food photographer form Melbourne! 

What is food styling?

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Is food styling important for your restaurant?

In our opinion, yes, food styling is very important for your restaurant. Whether you embrace it in your menus or social media, or your daily plating, food styling will help your guests fall in love with your food at first sight. You also have the potential to get featured on one of the major food blogs or Instagram accounts, putting potentially millions of eyes on your restaurant! In our opinion, it’s a win-win!