Explore Parts Unknown by Anthony Bourdain

Explore Parts Unknown

Explore Parts Unknown by Anthony Bourdain

American TV personality, a chef and author Anthony Bourdain has launched a new website; a must visit for all fans of his work and all food and travel lovers.

The Explore Parts Unknown is a digital extension of his Emmy-winning Original Series by CNN, Parts Unknown that are entering into its 9th season.

The website is a partnership between CNN and digital journal Roads & Kingdoms with Bourdain as an editor-in-large and an investing partner.

In this digital travel guide, Bourdain delivers hours of engaging content collected over years while filming Parts Unknown. The stories are going into depth with locals, food and situations on the sets.
As opposed to the TV series which are limited in time the website shares everything that Bourdain ate what he discovered and experienced while visiting featured destinations.
Just the Facts

Furthermore, Bourdain is not shying away from uncomfortable realities such are poverty, discrimination, or crime.

He is driven to show his viewers all important and eye-opening stories from each destination, regardless how controversial they might be.
In the days ahead of page launching, Bourdain announced that he is looking to go further, deeper, weirder, and smarter with this new digital venture.

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The adventurous direction of the Explore Parts Unknown is best shown in the paragraph below taken from one of Bourdain’s Field Notes as an introduction and a heads up to possible sensitivity to the nature of the destination’s coverage:

“You should know right now, if you didn’t know already, that what drives the team behind “Parts Unknown” is not to do what we did last week or last month—or ever. We are delighted when our viewers like an episode and even more delighted when they love one. But we are compelled, just the same, to avoid repeating what we’ve done before. If we fail, we want to fail outrageously, foolishly, gloriously—giving it everything we’ve got in the cause of making something new and strange and hopefully, awesome.”

The stories and videos are divided by geographical location, and each destination features Bourdain’s field notes, short video clips, suggests what to eat, drink, where to go, and what to know.
Currently, Explore Parts Unknown explores:
Senegal, Madagascar, Korea, Hanoi Manila, Punjab, Rome, London, Istanbul, The Greek Island, Vegas, LA’s Koreatown, Montana, New Jersey, Buenos Aires, and Colombia.
The new original content is built up weekly with upcoming destinations:
Jerusalem, Iran, Lebanon, Mexico City, The Bronx, Hawaii, Cuba, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Peru, Bahia, Paraguay, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Borneo, Libya, Tanzania, Congo and many more.

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Source: explorepartsunknown.com
Explore Parts Unknown is an excellent combination of entertaining and informative content as well as a great read delivered through Bourdain’s unique voice. Pick your destination and get ready for a virtual trip, enjoy in exploring and learning. Hours spent on this page will not count as wasted.