The Dramatic Effect of Oversized Tiles

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The Dramatic Effect of Oversized Tiles

Large format tiles are currently one of the biggest trends in bathroom design. It is hard to find a downside to oversized tiles;

They are simple and refined, easy to maintain and provide clean and sophisticated look.

Years ago 600X600mm tile format was considered big, but thanks to advanced possibilities in tile technology, today we have formats from 800x800mm to tile slabs as big as 3000mm x 1500mm. Expansion and development in the tile industry led to increased interest for oversized tiles on the market.

Timeless Design

It is clear that this trend is not vanishing, in fact, tiles could only grow bigger.

Elegance and versatility in finishes show their contemporary and timeless character.

Without the doubt, large format tiles are the bathroom and kitchen choice of the future and will mark present times.

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Source: Tile space

Regardless of the design and color, large format tiles make a dramatic difference in space. They bring grandiose impression in large bathroom areas, while creating the illusion of space in small ones.

Because of fewer breaks along the surface and less grout lines, they diminish visual clutter, providing a smooth and elegant flow. It is easier to work out a balanced and symmetrical composition in space when using large tiles.

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Source: Tile space

When designing with large tiles, possibilities are endless;

Contrasting tiles on walls and floors create visual interest and add more rhythm to the space.

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Smooth tone on tone option will create balanced and serene ambience while marble looking wall tile is an ultra-modern look that imports a crisp and refined atmosphere.

Personal style and aesthetic sensibility will help in making the best choice.

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Source: Luxe Interiors +Design Magazine

Besides bathroom and kitchens, oversized tiles are common flooring in hallways, laundries, dining rooms, patios and other outdoor and indoor areas.

Whether they are polished, matte or glazed, for indoor or outdoor use; large format tiles make a versatile design tool to adjust to all kinds of scenarios and personal preferences.