Design Trend: Freestanding Bathtubs

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Design Trend: Freestanding Bathtubs

Centuries ago, a freestanding bathtub made of metal or copper was the only option, and a cold tub in the middle of a sparse bathroom was anything but a symbol of luxury. Today; we choose freestanding bathtubs for entirely different reasons, and along with natural stone, copper is a high-end bathroom material.

Freestanding bathtubs associate with luxury and refinement and bring in a tranquillising spa effect.

Whether you go for a favourite acrylic, ultra-modern composite or vintage looking cast iron model, bathtubs are trending more than ever with a variety of options to choose from. Also, freestanding bathtubs come in an array of sizes from 15000 mm to 2000mm, and there is a suitable one for a bathroom of any size.


Raw and edgy, this cast iron bath is a perfect fit for rustic or country style interiors.



Cooper feels warmer as opposed to the cold and sterile metal and brings a touch of subtle glamour to space.


Nothing evokes that relaxing spa experience like the feel and smell of natural wood. Enhance the spa effect with subdued lighting or candle lights.



Contemporary and elegant, this state-of-the-art bathtub is a high-end touch to the organic backdrop.


The fusion of different stone elements, from tiling to polished stone bathtub gives the ultimate zen effect to this bathroom.