Design Trend: Fish Scale Tiles

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Design Trend: Fish Scale Tiles

Have you heard of the newest trend on tile design? Wavy and dynamic, fish scales are taking over kitchens and bathrooms around the world. We still love our traditional tiles, white and timeless – but there is no reason not to entertain in the playfulness and versatility of this new trend.

Here are a few ideas we love!

Fish Scales

                             Source: Apartment Therapy


Adding Color To The Space

No need to think hard to add color to the environment using this tile. In addition to single-color compositions, as in the example above, it is possible to combine several tones in a bold color palette.

Fish Scales

Source: Briony Fitzgerald Design

Adding Fun to A Space

If the intention is to bring a little playfulness to the space, the fish scale is the right choice! The innumerable possibilities of combinations make no environment the same as the other – the colors and the wavy shape of the tile result in more dynamic spaces.


Source: Casa Claudia

Adding a Touch of Class

A random layout with different colors can add contrast, texture and really class up your bathroom.

Fired Earth

Source: Casa Claudia

In white and gray, they fit well in traditional environments, for a playful yet conservative combination.



 Source: Petrina Turner

And there you have it! A few ideas to try out and create beautiful spaces with Fish Scale Tiles!