Delight your Restaurant Guests this Holiday Season

Restaurant Guests Holiday

Delight your Restaurant Guests this Holiday Season

The holidays are right around the corner. When your guests come into your establishment during this time of year, it’s good to remember that they are probably busier than ever planning and shopping. Restaurants should make it a point during the holidays to ensure that their guests have amazing experiences. Below are 7 ways to delight your restaurant guests this holiday season.


How To Delight your Restaurant Guests this Holiday Season

Before we get into the good stuff, it’s important to know that this time of year is extremely busy for restaurants. According to, “The number of meals eaten out increases significantly during the winter holiday season, starting before Thanksgiving and continuing through New Year’s celebrations.” This means that you will have even more guests to delight!

  Delight Your Restaurant Guests

 Include Seasonal Options in your Menu

Spice up your menu and potentially increase your sales with some seasonally-exclusive options. According to, 59 percent of consumers say they’re more likely to purchase an item on a restaurant menu if it’s described as “seasonal”. So, why not incorporate seasonal items onto your menu?

While sticking to the overall theme of your current menu, add in some seasonally appropriate dishes that will excite your guest! Stick to dishes that remind them of the holidays, and are hard to find year-round.

Lastly, don’t be scared to incorporate menu trends like Pumpkin Spice or Cupcakes! With Food Blogging and Instagramming being all the rage right now, it’ll be easy for you to appeal to your guests who like to follow trends!

Delight Your Restaurant Guests


Add some Seasonal Decor

Help get your guests into the holiday spirit by adding some seasonal decor! It’s best to stick to decor that appeals to everyone while trying to keep it festive! Silvers and golds are great to bring into your decor to remind people of the New Year’s festivities that are right around the corner!

Here are some places within your restaurant that you can incorporate seasonal decor:

  • The Entranceway (outside, floor mats, doors, host stations, etc.)
  • The Tables (centerpieces, napkins, dinnerware, etc.)
  • The Waiting Area (benches, floor mats, ma
  • The Dining Room (ceiling, walls, artwork, lights, etc.)

Delight Your Restaurant Guests



Make sure that you are Well Staffed & Have enough Inventory

A huge part of delighting your guests is making sure that they walk out of your restaurant having a memorable experience. That won’t happen if you are understaffed or out of their favorite food (especially those seasonal items). Hire seasonal help to assist you with your operations and to make sure that every guest has a great experience!

Make sure to have enough inventory so that you have your guest’s favorite food in stock. Keep on top of your inventory, especially for those seasonal menu items. If you have enough food, your waitstaff and kitchen staff will be confident, operations will flow more smoothly, and your guests will be delighted!

Delight Your Restaurant Guests


Host Giveaways

The holidays are full of giving and receiving gifts, so why should your restaurant be any exception? Get your guests excited about the holidays by offering contests, giveaways or raffles that allow your guests to win prizes!

Think about offering gift cards, coupons, or even merchandise from your establishment. Let your guests know that every time they come back, they can enter into the drawing. This will help you bring back repeat guests throughout the holiday season.

Delight Your Restaurant Guests



Offer Holiday Catering

Everyone loves holiday parties, but not everyone likes to cook for them! Offer convenient holiday party catering to increase your sales and delight your guests! Make sure to advertise this either in your menus, on your websites, or by word of mouth.

Holiday catering also allows you to reach more potential guests! People who are at these holiday parties that you are catering will try your food, be impressed, and come to your actual restaurant for more! It’s a win-win.

Delight Your Restaurant Guests


Donate to Charities

Holidays are also a time for giving to charities. Partner up with a charity of your choice and encourage your guests to make donations. Take this one step further by offering to match the total donation. You can also donate a portion of your proceeds to the charity.

Delight Your Restaurant Guests


Offer Gift Cards for Sale

Last on our list of how to delight your restaurant guests this holiday season is to make sure that you offer gift cards as convenient gifts for your guests to buy! If you’ve delighted your guests they will be more than happy to refer their friends and family to your establishment and an easy way to do this is through gift cards!

Have gift cards for sale at front of your restaurant, and think about displaying them on the tables as well. You can also encourage your waitstaff to mention the gift cards at the end of your guests’ meal.

Delight Your Restaurant Guests