Claytan is now blogging!

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Claytan is now blogging!


We have been manufacturing high-quality ceramic products since 1920, and we have seen how the world has changed. Today, we put a premium on maintaining open lines of communication, and brands are now actively communicating more personally to their customers through social media.

This is why we are now blogging—we want to be closer to you!

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Claytan will be maintaining two blogs, catering to our two major market segments:


For the Sanitaryware Blog, we will be writing about how we can help you when it comes to designing bathrooms, be it new ones, or a soon-to-be-renovated-and-redesigned ones. We will offer our tips, advice, some suggestions, and the occasional tricks. We will also post current design trends to inspire you in your design projects.

We also want you to meet designers who are changing the game and making new rules in the bathroom design space; we will feature interior designers, architects, home stylists, and other significant people in the industry whose work will inspire you.


For the Hotelware Blog, we envision it to be a site where you can be inspired by delicious food recipes, restaurant reviews that discuss not only the food but also how the dining space was designed, the latest news about food and dining, and profiles of professionals excelling in the field of food.

This blog is going to be about food: the many different ways we consume it, the people who have been shaping the food industry, and the thrilling experiences that we come up with to make dining more interesting than ever. We will introduce new movers in the field, such as chefs, restaurateurs, food stylists, and restaurant designers, and will let you know about the current happenings in the food industry so you can make sure that you yourself are keeping yourself on top of things.


Because Claytan values craftsmanship, we will make this blog a site about championing individuals and organizations who have been working hard to transform fresh new ideas into technological innovations that make life more efficient, and there is a lot of them in this industry. Our long-running presence in the ceramics manufacturing industry has given us many experiences that we look back upon to guide us in our work. Our blog is here to let you in on this side of Claytan.


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