Vitrified Clay Pipes


Concrete pipes were designed for smaller cities, fewer people, and shorter lifespans. The vitrified clay pipes made by Claytan’s clay pipe manufacturing arm, Johore Pipe Company (JPC), last forever—unlike concrete pipes, which need to be re-threaded every five-to-seven years.


JPC produces the largest pipes in the ASEAN region (at 700mm in diameter)

Claytan’s clay pipe manufacturing arm, Johore Pipe Company (JPC), has created a world-leading innovative clay pipe solution for developments in densely-built cities without involving movement or disruption of roads, buildings, cables, and drains.


The Jo-Lock jacking pipe is designed specifically for that common situation where new pipe work is needed but existing developments prohibit the digging of trenches. The Jo-Lock jacking pipe can be pushed through existing trench work to replace older or damaged pipes. And because it’s made from vitrified clay, it lasts forever.

Future-proof your development with the oldest materials

Clay is an ancient material but our cutting-edge production process ensures that we can make it as relevant to today’s builders and developers as any other material.


Vitrified clay pipes are a more environmentally friendly product than concrete, which makes them an attractive option for triple-bottom-line reporting on major projects. And the lifetime value of the product ensures lower ongoing maintenance.


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