Choosing the perfect dinnerware for your restaurant

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Choosing the perfect dinnerware for your restaurant

When deciding tableware, glassware, and flatware for your restaurant, the first criteria should be durability. You want the best quality for your budget, one that will be able to endure most of the wear and tear they go through in a busy restaurant environment. Before falling for its appearance, check its resistance to scratches and chipping, and consider its weight and size.

The function should come above form. Regardless of a modern and elegant look of that large square dinner plate; when set on the table it will take too much space and the elegance will not come forward. Also, dinnerware must be easy to handle and maintain.

The food that comes out of your kitchen is your art, and your dinnerware is your canvas. It should be the right size and shape, lightweight, and simple enough to highlight the food. When matched, dinnerware complements your visual identity and your concept. Whether you are a fine dining or a family restaurant, tableware should fit your purpose. Modern environments call for elegant, minimalistic dinnerware, while rustic or Mediterranean styled venues should present their food on more traditional dinnerware.


Claytan dinnerware is durable, lightweight  and elegant,  making a perfect frame for your culinary creations.