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12 Dec How to Choose your Restaurant Dinnerware

Buying new restaurant dinnerware is no easy task and should be carefully thought out. Think of your dinnerware as a long-term commitment that will complement your design aesthetic and potentially save your restaurant money, so it’s important to take your time when choosing new dinnerware. Our intention is to help make this decision easier for you, therefore we have outlined six important aspects to take into consideration when choosing your restaurant dinnerware below.


It is important to know your budget before choosing your restaurant dinnerware. Your budget should take into consideration how many pieces of dinnerware you need and how often you will need to replace or restock.

Buying good quality dinnerware that is durable will help bring the costs of replacement and restocking down significantly. Look for dinnerware manufacturers who keep durability in mind when creating their dinnerware. Also, make sure to understand any guarantees that the manufacturer may offer. 

Choose Restaurant Dinnerware

Intended Use

You are going to want to take into consideration the intended use of your dinnerware. Do you serve more large plates or small? Will you need plates that can withstand extremely high temperatures? Do you require multiple sized bowls? All of these are great questions that should be addressed before purchasing your dinnerware.

Make a list of all of the different types of dinnerware that your restaurant requires and use it as a checklist when browsing manufacturers.

Choose Restaurant Dinnerware


Durability is one of the most important standards that we have here at Claytan. You want to choose dinnerware that will last so that you can bring restaurant costs down. Replacing dinnerware that is scratched or broken not only increases your restaurant costs, but it takes time. You should look for strong, scratch resistant dinnerware that will last your restaurant several years. 

Here at Claytan, we glaze our dinnerware to not only protect the products themselves but to protect the restaurant’s tables. Have a look at our dinnerware here.  

Choose Restaurant Dinnerware


Take a look at your dinnerware storage system. Do you have enough room to not only store the dinnerware but to protect it as well? If you don’t have a lot of storage space, then you’ll want to look for dinnerware that can easily stack without damaging.

Choose Restaurant Dinnerware


What material do you want your dinnerware to be made from? One of the most common materials is ceramic, but we have seen everything from plastic to paper to glass. Take a look at your overall budget and restaurant aesthetic to help you decide on a material for your dinnerware.

Choose Restaurant Dinnerware

Restaurant Esthetic

The last item on our list to take into consideration on how to choose your restaurant dinnerware is your restaurant aesthetic. What kind of aesthetic do you have, or wish to have? Casual? Fine dining? Eclectic? Trendy?

Decide on your esthetic then choose a dinnerware design to compliment it. You can use plain round dinnerware for a casual aesthetic, square colorful dinnerware for an eclectic aesthetic, or round dinnerware with a sophisticated design for a fine-dining esthetic.

Having a clear design aesthetic will impress your guests and make your food presenation top-notch.

Choose Restaurant Dinnerware