23 Jun 10 Things to Consider Before Opening Your Restaurant

Opening a new restaurant can be overwhelming. There are many things to deal with, from financing to choosing the right location. Here are ten things to consider before taking the role of a restaurant owner. Owning a restaurant is 24/7 commitment A restaurant business demands...

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29 May Design Trend: Arabesque

  There are three disciplines that define Islamic art: Arabesque, Calligraphy and Geometry. Islamic design underscores order and unity of nature; characteristics that are common in artworks of all cultures from Morocco to Malaysia.                          ...

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Explore Parts Unknown

02 May Explore Parts Unknown by Anthony Bourdain

American TV personality, a chef and author Anthony Bourdain has launched a new website; a must visit for all fans of his work and all food and travel lovers. The Explore Parts Unknown is a digital extension of his Emmy-winning Original Series by CNN, Parts Unknown...

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