About Us


You might not know our name but you know the brands we manufacture for. Caroma, Marc Newson, McPhersons, and many others use Claytan’s superior ceramicware because of the quality and durability of our work.


A Family Business

Although Claytan has been manufacturing sanitary ware for the Australian and New Zealand markets since the early 1990s, the history of the company goes back many decades.

Started by the late Mr. Tan Soon Heng when he came to Malaysia after the first World War, the family involvement in ceramic manufacturing began many generations earlier. In the 1920s, following the company’s founding in Kuala Lumpur, Claytan began pioneering ceramic manufacturing in southern Malaysia. A decade later, we began producing vitrified clay pipes for the public works department.


Our production of tableware began during the second World War. In fact, we were the pioneers of the tableware industry in Malaysia. In 1957, Mr. Tan Chong Cheng took over the helm of JPC from his late father. Over the decades since, under his charge, the Claytan Group has grown into a world class brand.

An International Brand

In the 1980s, Claytan began manufacturing sanitary ware under an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) arrangement for the Japanese and UK markets. In the 1990s the company began doing the same for tableware for Johnson Brothers of the Wedgewood Group.


In 2002 the company built a dedicated R&D Centre to upgrade the research, development, and designs of all Claytan products. An international leader in ceramic manufacturing, Claytan continues to strive in pursuit of excellence to maintain a competitive edge.


The Pioneer

Today, Claytan is the only surviving pioneer in the ceramic industry in Malaysia and the most diversified manufacturer of ceramic products consisting of sanitary ware in two types of body (vitreous china and fire clay), tableware in four types of body (earthenware, vitreous china, stoneware, and fine china), and two types of vitrified clay pipes (standard VCP’s and jacking pipes).


More importantly, we have developed processes that make it possible for us to manufacture ceramics for customers of all sizes. Our innovations are always driven by customer demand – we are happy to develop new products and our long history proves our commitment to standing by our products.


The epitome of trust

Find out why leading brands around the world trust Claytan for Hotelware, Dinnerware, Sanitary ware, Kitchenware and Clay Pipes.