6 Easy Tips to Get Amazing Reviews on Yelp

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6 Easy Tips to Get Amazing Reviews on Yelp

Yelp has become a go-to source for patrons to read about what a business is really like before going there themselves. With over 145 Million monthly viewers, it’s clear this review app is one you want to maintain a positive presence on.

But what do you do if your guests aren’t reviewing you on Yelp? Here are the five best secrets to getting a review on Yelp.

1. Let your guests know you’re on Yelp!
You want them to know they can find you there, without asking them to review your restaurant (this is a violation of Yelp’s terms & conditions).Within your restaurant, have a sign saying ‘people love us on Yelp’. In the ‘Contact Us’ page of your website, include a Yelp icon along with the rest of the social media, and review sites guests can find you on. You should also include these within your email signature.
You need to let people who already love you know where they can leave you a glowing review.

2. Share reviews left on Yelp on your other social media platforms.
Sharing a simple screenshot that praises your restaurant across your Facebook or Instagram can be wonderful. You’ll be sharing the positive experience someone else had at your eatery, as well as intriguing diners to read, or leave their own reviews.

3. Claim your business profile, and make it amazing.
Keeping your Yelp profile up to date is essential for enticing guests with what to expect from your restaurant. Include your current contact details, menu, and some beautiful photos of the food you serve and your happy staff.
If there’s something unique about your restaurant, don’t be afraid to highlight it! List any awards you’ve won or have been nominated for. A bit of bragging is allowed here.

4. Take advantage of Yelp’s services and post an exclusive deal.
A discount or bonus offer will attract new guests your restaurant. Sharing your deal on Yelp targets Yelpers – people who are likely to leave reviews. Giving these guests an amazing experience – like you would for anyone else – is sure to result in gold stars! Getting in touch with the Yelp community manager can also help you stay in their radar for special events and promos.

5. Respond to all reviews and feedback.
Thank the people who took the time to write you a positive review, letting them know you appreciate their kind words and hope to see them again soon. If someone writes a negative review, let other Yelpers see how professionally you handle it by commenting that it’s unfortunate someone had a negative experience, and certainly not what you’d expect. Try to entice them back to your restaurant – or, at least, show others how much you believe in your amazing food and service – by offering them a perk. Offering someone a free drink or a discounted meal can be a wonderful way to show your dedication to going above and beyond for your guests.

6. Promote your business to the Yelp Elite community.
Yelp has a special group of people called Yelp Elite. These people are selected by the Yelp Community Managers for their critical and valuable reviews, so they become influencers and their reviews are sought after for their honesty and insight. You can contact the Yelp community managers in your city and invite the community for a special event hosted by you, as an opportunity to delight and wow these influencers. That can definitely put your restaurant in an advantageous position within the platform.

Have you been using Yelp to promote your restaurant? What tips would you give another restaurant trying to get more reviews from their guests?