5 Ways You Can Redecorate Bathrooms for Rental Apartments

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5 Ways You Can Redecorate Bathrooms for Rental Apartments

Just because your client is renting and can’t remodel their bathroom completely, it doesn’t mean you can’t help them redecorate it to suit their personal style. Here are five ways you can wow your clients by giving their bathroom a new look without picking up a paintbrush, drilling a hole in the wall, or breaking the bank.
Decals have become an increasingly popular way to personalize a room in recent years, with pieces ranging from minimalistic scripts to the most intricate and ornate patterns.
A fantastic feature about wall decals is that they can be applied and safely removed to most surfaces without stripping away any paint, or leaving a sticky mess on any glass or tiles. If your client has a dull bathroom wall, a decal can help reinvigorate the space.

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Shower curtains
With infinite options available, nothing is stopping you from picking the shower curtain of your dreams. Whether you want to play with colour, add some personality, or even create a new and romantic ambiance – a shower curtain may be the answer for you.

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Perhaps the simplest way to add a splash of colour to a bathroom is with a fresh set of towels. Apart from giving new life to an old room, if there is an unsightly wall you want to hide, a gorgeous towel on a temporary towel rack is the perfect cover-up.

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Whether it’s a simple succulent on the vanity or windowsill, or a tall standing pot plant, bringing the outdoors in can instantly freshen up the feel of a bathroom, and can make for a beautiful statement piece.

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                                           (Source: freshdesignpedia.com)
Turn a practical piece into a talking piece by investing in decorative storage for a bathroom. Storage ladders are a timeless trend for bathrooms and can accommodate most stacking, hanging, or displaying desires.

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                                                       (Source: freshdesignpedia.com)

So now you have a list of things you can do to make your clients happy with bathroom look even if you can’t renovate it!