5 Restaurants in Australia Doing Amazing On Instagram

Restaurants on Instagram

5 Restaurants in Australia Doing Amazing On Instagram

It goes without saying that being present on social media today is as vital to a business establishment as anything. Instagram is a wonderful tool that let’s you connect with your audience on a different level, allowing you to broaden their experience. Moreover, social media enables you to see your business from a different perspective and hopefully, learn and grow from it.

Australia has a vivid gastronomy scene and so much to offer in this field, from breathtaking locations to exquisite food. In the sea of great Instagram accounts and mouthwatering food images, we singled out those who have succeeded in attracting a significant number of followers.

Image credit: @theboathousegroup

#1 The Boat House Group, Sydney, NSW

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The romantic terrace setting along the pier, locally sourced food and glorious water views generate fresh and relaxing posts you will enjoy seeing in your feed.

Source: whattocook.com.au

#2 Chin Chin, Melbourne, Vic

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Source: hiddencitysecrets.com.au

Thai eatery Chin-Chin in Melbourne owes its success to a unique dining experience based on a party- like, food sharing philosophy and a great atmosphere. If you ask local people, Chin Chin is more than a restaurant; it is Melbourne’s must visit.

#3 Betty’s Burgers, Noosa, QND


Source: @bettys_burgers


Betty’s Burgers and Concrete Co. is a vibrant place with a cool Instagram feed. They started as a small beach burger joint in Noosa and expanded to other parts of the country. Betty’s Burgers Instagram account is bright and cheerful, just like their visual identity.

#4 Rae’s, Byron Bay, NSW

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This romantic beach-style retreat is what Instagram is all about; sun, sea, palms and cocktails by the beach. Rae’s is a luxurious resort with fine dining seafood restaurant that offers all that you could wish for on your holiday.

Image credit: @Raesonwategos

#5 Pineapple Express Café, Brisbane, QND

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This breakfast bar located in Queensland’s capital promotes super food and healthy breakfast choices. Their Instagram account bursts with colorful smoothies, coco-whips, acai bowls and other guilt-free delicacies that will set you up for a positive day.

Image credit: @pineappleexpresscaffe