5 Bathroom Accessories for an Elegant Touch


5 Bathroom Accessories for an Elegant Touch

Elegance is perceived trough simplicity and sophistication. To achieve elegance in the ambience key point is to keep it simple with the perfect amount of contrasts.

Matte black bathroom accessories

The latest big trend in bathroom design is a contemporary statement of simplicity.  Black tapware within monochromatic scenes create modern, sleek and elegant ambient.

  Elegant Touch

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Elegant Touch

Claytan accessories

Warmth of wood

Whether if it’s employed as a built-in feature, or as a small decorating piece, wooden décor has the ability to warm up a sterile bathroom ambient and create an instant spa effect.

Elegant touch

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Outstanding Lighting

One of the most sophisticated ways of achieving the ultimate elegance in the bathroom is by using refined lighting fixtures to create a unique point of interest. 

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Elegant Touch

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Gold details

Gold details refine the ambience and add a sense of sophistication. The simplest details such are an elegant mirror or a towel rack in a gold finish are enough to transform a bathroom from ordinary to distinctive.

Elegant Touch

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Elegant Touch

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Greenery and fresh flowers

Potted plants or fresh flowers are a perfect decoration that infuses life into the space and reinvigorates the atmosphere. Make sure you choose a plant for your bathroom that is resilient to its conditions.

  Elegant Touch

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