4 Bathroom Transformations to Inspire You Today

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4 Bathroom Transformations to Inspire You Today

Whether for functional, aesthetic or hydraulic reasons, the time to remodel the bathroom will arrive. That is why we have prepared this little list of our favorite transformations to inspire you and a few tips to help you revamp your environment.

A Colour Scheme Goes a Long Way

A good coat of paint can help you completely change any environment. But before you jump the gun, plan your color scheme carefully and think of accessories and the overall look you want it to have at the end.

There are a lot of resources online to draw inspiration from for your colour scheme. Make sure to check Pinterest and Instagram for references, and you can also plan your colour scheme by using the Better Homes & Gardens colour scheme planner.

Bathroom Renovations

                           Source: CupOfJo

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall…

Essential in any bathroom and almost a law of interior design, the presence of mirrors is always pointed as a positive factor in any environment. This is due to the their reflective surface which attracts the eye, radiates the light and seems to enlarge the spaces, which is especially useful in small bathrooms.

It is good to remember that the mirrors do not need to be restricted to the dimensions of the bathroom countertop. The bigger the better, especially if two people use the environment at the same time. With a good frame, the mirror can renew its environment without much effort. In the example below, the owners chose an oval mirror to replace the old one one.

Bathroom renovations

                               Source: Bower Power Blog

You can give boring tiles some personality

One of the most versatile solutions available in the market, the application of stickers is simple and can change the style of a bathroom very easily.

Just clean the surface – tiles, cabinets, walls, etc. – and paste. It is also the ideal solution for renovating rented environments.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 9.20.44 PM

                                     Source: Decorar Bem Com Fabi

Invest in Low-maintenance, ready-to-use Accessories

You can give your bathroom a fresh look just with decorating tricks. At this point, it is important to invest in quality and items that combine beauty and functionality without cluttering the environment.

Rugs, frames and fragrances give personality to the space and are ready to use. In choosing patterns and palettes, horizontal prints also give the impression of amplitude in the environment, just like the mirrors.

You can also bring some life to your bathroom with plants. They bring vitality to the environment, can purify the air and take advantage of the humidity of the environment. When in doubt, opt for succulents and other low-maintenance species.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 9.20.53 PM

Source: Welcome to Heard Mount

Applying any of our suggestions?! Take pictures and hashtag them #ClaytanTransformation and let us show off your hard work!