3 Tips to Hire Better Service Staff for Your Restaurant

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3 Tips to Hire Better Service Staff for Your Restaurant

Just like any other profession, being a waiter requires talent and technical expertise. But that’s not all: your waiters, unlike other employees, will be the face of your restaurant.

Therefore, the process of hiring new waiters should be both precise and demanding, in order to ensure great results. Friendly and helpful staff can significantly increase the popularity and the profit of your restaurants, while bad staff can leave a stain in your reputation and drive customers elsewhere.

That’s why we put together these tips to help you better select your service staff in the future:

Consider the Profile of Your Restaurant

Every restaurant is unique, and hiring staff with the personality and demeanor to match your restaurant’s style can save you trouble and really impact your customer satisfaction. Is your restaurant a sophisticated or a casual environment? How do your customers communicate? Take these things into consideration before crafting your interview questions.

Have a Clear Goal

Once you understand what your restaurant’s profile is, it’s time to think about the ideal employee and their character traits. What would your ideal waiter look like? Some qualities, such as readiness and good communication are always essential. Others will vary from place to place. In any case, hire someone you would like to have around.

Keep in mind there is no flawless employee, so perfection should not be something you seek. Understand that every person has things to work on, but depending on your case some flaws will be less desirable than others.

Thoroughly Prepare the Interview Questions

Resumes are important but it is in the interview that you can really assess if a candidate really has all the abilities you are looking for. Your future waiter or waitress should show in their body language that they are personable, helpful and solution oriented. Thing about the most difficult situations you’ve faced with customers and make sure you ask candidates about those to assess how they would react.

Also, do not forget to ask what your expectations are regarding the restaurant and its possibility of growth as a professional. Do not treat the position of waiter as something that anyone can do: this will only discourage the best candidates.

Now, there you have it! With these tips you can improve your restaurant service and your profit.