3 Habits of Successful Restaurant Owners

3 Habits Successful Restaurant Owners

3 Habits of Successful Restaurant Owners


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

This quote is the perfect way to describe the process an individual goes through in their journey towards becoming a successful restaurant owner. In an industry saturated with ideas and flavors, the secret sauce for success is entirely determined by habits of those who plan, manage and deliver the customer experience. Here are 3 habits of successful restaurant owners :


  1. Successful Restaurant Owners Understand They Are Running a Business

It is easy to be drawn into the romantic ideals of what it means to be a restaurant owner. But the reality is that to be part of the category of successful restaurant owners, you need to be a business person, often relentless and with a great entrepreneurial spirit.

Successful restaurant owners know that it takes more than just the ability to cook or enjoy amazing food in order to create a remarkable customer experience. They devote time and energy to learning the intricacies of recruiting and training staff, selecting suppliers and planning every day in business to deliver the best quality of food and service. They make it a habit to invest in their own education as business managers and – as a result – their business runs smoothly and they can dedicate time to the more enjoyable aspects of the work.


  1.  They Know Their Staff Is Their Biggest Investment

Successful restaurant owners know that their employees are the face of their business, so they understand the importance of investing heavily in their people.

They are aware that in order to keep their employees, they need to dedicate themselves to who employees are as individuals as well as to their personal and professional growth. They consistently invest in opportunities to help their staff grow, such as seminars, courses and mentorship. They also welcome feedback and nurture a friendly environment, so that people enjoy coming to work every day.


  1. They Are Mindful of Their Surroundings

Your ultimate goal is to provide an experience unlike anything else, but this should still be done consciously, considering your surroundings. Being aware of the other options around the corner can help you identify your strengths and leverage on them. Successful restaurant owners know they are competing against the 5 Michelin Star restaurant as well as the food truck two blocks away, and that awareness makes them consistently think of new ways to delight existing customers and invite new ones.

Now that you know the profile of successful restaurant owners, share with us in the comments: What do you think is the most important trait for someone to become a successful restaurant owner?